Satori FundĀ II

Satori Fund II

The Satori Fund is a technology focused long-short equity fund, managed by Dan Niles. It uses individual company fundamental analysis augmented by technical and macro-economic analysis to generate a focused portfolio of 20-40 positions. Of every dollar given to invest since inception, Satori has invested roughly 76 cents in stocks that it expects to go up while shorting 56 cents worth of stocks that it expects will decline.

As a result, the Satori Fund has only averaged roughly 25% average net exposure since inception and roughly 132% gross exposure which limits downside risk. Despite this low level of exposure, the Satori Fund has cumulatively returned over 200% since inception, which more than doubles the return of the HFRI Equity Hedge Index.
This has been accomplished by protecting assets during periods of severe stock market declines. Our greatest strength is the ability to protect capital during times of extreme market stress and generate wealth over the course of market cycles.

The Satori Fund is available to ACCREDITED INVESTORS, a class of investors who meet certain financial thresholds, as set by SEC.